Outlines Of Theology

Revised And Enlarged Edition

A. A. Hodge

The author of this classic work on Protestant Theology A.A. Hodge (1823-1886) served as Professor in Systematic Theology at Princeton Seminary from 1877 until his death in 1886. This text is taken from his Outlines of Theology, 1878 Revised And Enlarged Edition. The book was first published in 1860.

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Chapter 1. Christian Theology
Chapter 2. Origin Of The Idea Of God And Proof Of His Existence.
Chapter 3. The Sources of Theology
Chapter 4. The Inspiration of the Bible
Chapter 5. The Rule of Faith and Practice
Chapter 6. A Comparison of Systems
Chapter 7. Creeds and Confessions
Chapter 8. The Attributes Of God
Chapter 9. The Holy Trinity

Chapter 39. The Second Advent and General Judgment

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Updated: 1/5/2010