Finis Jennings Dake

Finis Dake (1902-1987) was a dispensational Pentecostal fundamentalist minister who rejected formal training and traditional theology for his own extremely literal interpretation of the Bible. Much of his labor in interpreting Scripture did not even involve reading the Bible, since, as he claimed, the Holy Spirit taught him hundreds of verses without his ever having to read or memorize them. He also credited the illumination of the Spirit for his special understanding of difficult texts. His Dake's Annotated Reference Bible* is controversial for some unorthodox teachings ie. the gap theory, adoptionism, racial segregation, and a view of the Trinity as three Jehovahs (three Gods), each with their own separate bodies, souls, and spirits. (For more info see the essay Dake's Dangerous Doctrines by Jeff Spencer and Steve Bright.

Other publications by Dake:

Bible Truths Unmasked
God's Plan for Man
Heavenly Hosts
The Kidnap of the Church
The Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus
Revelation Expounded
30 Reasons for the Separation of the Races
What the Bible Says about the Future Antichrist

* Dake's Annotated Reference Bible, by Finis Jennings Dake, published by Dake Bible Sales, Inc, Lawrenceville, Georgia.