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Dave Macpherson
Daveis a historian, author, and journalist. He is the son of Dr. Norman Spurgeon Macpherson who was a Baptist Minister and theologian. Dave has written a number of articles and books on the origins of the pretrib rapture theory. His books include: The Rapture Plot, The Great Rapture Hoax, and The Incredible Coverup. All of his books can be found on amazon.com (or try our book search).

Along with Dave's many accomplishments he has the honor of being the first paying customer at Disneyland! The photo at the left shows Dave at the head of the line of about 6,000 people at the opening of the park in 1955. He was given a lifetime pass for being customer #1.

Personal Note:
I had the pleasure of meeting Dave MacPherson in the early 1970's while I was working for Wheaton College. MacPherson is a journalist and historian that has written several books about the origins of the pre-tribulation rapture theory. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not--his expose' of the deceit of some  pretrib authors is convincing. Those who have tried to prove that the pre-trib rapture teaching preceded John Nelson Darby (early 1800's) have had to resort to historical revisionism and use of selective, out of context quotes from Morgan Edwards, Pseudo-Ephraem and others. MacPherson has debunked the claims of pre-trib "left-behind" eschatology prior to the Irvingites and J.N. Darby in the early 1800's! (see the article Deceiving, And Being Deceived below).

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