Dispensationalism Examined(1)

William E. Cox

An Examination of Dispensationalism(2)

Chapter 1 Dispensationalism
Chapter 2
John Nelson Darby
Chapter 3 C. I. Scofield
Chapter 4 Dispensational Beliefs--Salvation
Chapter 5 Dispensational Beliefs--The Scriptures
Chapter 6 Dispensational Beliefs--Israel & the Kingdom Of God
Chapter 7&8 Dispensational Beliefs--The Church--Part 1 and 2
Chapter 9 Summary
Appendix: The Bible Without Comment

* Chapters being reformatted


(1) Cox, William E., An Examination of Dispensationalism (booklet, Phillipsburg, NJ: Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, 1963). [Source: Grace Online Library]

(2) William E. Cox wrote this concerning Dispensationalism before the revision of the Scofield Reference Bible was made. Many changes and corrections were made in the New Scofield Reference Bible, but the core dispensational and pretribulational teachings are still there.

(3) Also see Cox's article: Why I left Scofieldism