14 Dispensations?

[Yet another dispensational scheme]

Dispensations list from "Times and Dispensations", Ch. 1, By Tom Ballinger
[source:  http://www.heavendwellers.com]

1. From creation to the fall of Adam
2. From the fall to the flood
3. After the flood, from Noah to Abraham
4. From Abraham to Moses
5. From Moses to the entrance into the Land

6. From the entrance to the setting up of Kingdom
7. From David to the Babylonian captivity
8. From the captivity to the birth of Christ
9. From the birth to the resurrection of Christ
10. From Pentecost to prison (Acts 2 to Acts 28)
11. The prison ministry of Paul, the Dispensation of the Grace of God. The present age of God's Sacred Secret (i.e. The Mystery)
12. Dispensation of Judgment (the bulk of the Book of Revelation)
13. The millennial Kingdom
14. The new creation

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