How To Understand Scripture

Miles Cloverdale*

"It shall Greatly Helpe Ye to Understande Scripture,
If Thou Mark Not only What is Spoken or Written,
But of Whom, And to Whom,
With what Words,
At what Time,
To what Intent,
With what Circumstances,
Considering what Goeth Before
And what Followeth."

* The English Bible translator, Miles Coverdale, whose version became the basis for the King James Version, listed his own Bible study techniques in the preface to his 1535 edition. (Nelson’s Complete Book of Stories, Illustations & Quotes, edited by Robert J. Morgan, p.#66.)

Wilbur M. Smith says that this text has been attributed to both Miles Coverdale (1535) and John Wycliffe (1324-1384) . (Wilbur M. Smith, Profitable Bible Study, Wilde, 1939, p. 38)