Outline Studies On The Rapture Question

Ed F. Sanders

Note: the remaining chapters will be scanned and posted as time permits


This study was written while I was on the staff of Wheaton College in 1973 and was distributed by the Biblical Research Institute*. Some minor editing was done in 2005 for posting on the web. It is being rewritten and expanded and will be published as The Late Great Rapture Debate (© 2006).

The idea for this study grew out of a prophecy conference held at Wheaton College that was sponsored by the Biblical Research Institute. Speakers included Professor Arthur Katterjohn, Rev. Del Birkey, and myself. In attendance was Dr. J. Barton Payne who showed the galley proofs for his new book Encyclopedia Of Biblical Prophecy. The book has since become a ‘classic’ and a must-have for the student of Bible prophecy.

Outline Studies On The Rapture Question was copyrighted (c)1973 by the Biblical Research Institute, copyright renewed (c)2005 by theologue.org. You may quote this study as long as the title, copyright date, and author's name are cited. You may not duplicate the entire document or any substantial part of it for distribution to others. If you would like to order copies please contact the webmaster.

Original 1973 cover
Chapter 1: The Rapture Question?
Chapter 2: Is Jesus Coming Before The Tribulation?
Chapter 3: Are There Two Future Comings Of Christ?
Chapter 4: Is The Rapture Imminent?
Chapter 5: Will The Church Go Through The Tribulation?
Chapter 6: "Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth"?
Chapter 7: What Difference Does It Make?

1. The Second Coming Of Our Lord In The Gospels
2. Origin Of The Pretrib Rapture Theory
3. Bibliography Of Post-trib Literature

* BRI, Wheaton, Ill. is no longer active