Outlines Of The Book Of Revelation

Compiled by Theologue

1. Revelation Outline
(typical dispensational / premillennial outline emphasizing past-present-future)

Prologue - Introduction - 1:1-8

I.    The Things Which You Have Seen - The Christ (1:9-20)

II.   The Things Which Are - The Churches :4 (2:1--3:22)

III. The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter - The Consummation:  4:1-22:5

Epilogue - Conclusion  22:6-21

2. The Apocalypse
From: Charles H. Talbert, The Apocalypse: A Reading of the Revelation of John (Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox, 1994) vii.

A. The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches (1:1-8; 1:9–3:22)

1:1-8 Title and Introduction
1:9–3:22 Prophetic Call and Seven Letters
B. The Seven Visions of the End Times (4:1–22:5)
4:1–8:1 The Seven Seals
8:2–11:18 The Seven Trumpets
11:19–13:18 The Roots and Role of Roman Power
14:1-20 The Seven Agents of Judgment
15:1–16:21 The Seven Plagues of Wrath
17:1–19:5 The Role and Results of Imperial Power
19:6–22:5 The Consummation
C. Epilogue (22:6-21)

3. Basic Revelation Outline
(Simple outline, adapted from: Louis Berkhof, New Testament Introduction)

Prologue / Introduction, 1:1-8,

Seven Visions Series, 1:9-22:7

Epilogue / Conclusion, 22:8-21.

4. Detailed Revelation Outline
(A more detailed outline based on the visions, adapted from: Louis Berkhof, New Testament Introduction)

Prologue, 1:1 - 8

I. The first Vision, 1:9 - 3:22, is that of the glorified Christ in the midst of the Church, directing John to write letters of reproof, of warning, of exhortation and of consolation to seven representative churches of proconsular Asia, viz. to Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamus, Thyatire, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

II. The second Vision, 4:1 - 8:1, reveals God as ruling the world's destiny, and the Lamb as taking the book of the divine decrees and breaking the seven seals of which each one represents a part of God's purpose, the first four referring to the terrestrial, and the last three to the celestial sphere.  Between the sixth and seventh seals an episode is introduced to show the safety of the people of God amid the judgments that are inflicted on the world.

III. The third Vision, 8:2 - 11:19, shows us seven angels, each one having a trumpet.  After an angel has offered up the prayers of the saints to God, the seven angels blow their trumpets, and each trumpet is followed by a vision of destruction on the sinful world, the destruction of the last three being more severe than that of the first four.  Between the sixth and seventh trumpets there is again an episode describing the preservation of the Church.

IV. The fourth Vision, 12:1 - 14: 20, describes the conflict of the world with the Church of God.  The Church is represented as a woman bringing forth the Christ, against whom the dragon representing satan wages war.  In successive visions we behold the beasts which satan will employ as his agents, the militant Church, and the advancing stages of Christ's conquest.

V. The fifth Vision, 15:1 - 16:21, once more reveals seven angels, now having seven vials or bowls containing the last plagues or judgments of God.  First we have a description of the Church that triumphed over the beast, glorifying God; and this is followed by a picture of the sevenfold judgment of God on the world, represented by the seven vials.

VI. The sixth Vision, 17:1 - 20:15, reveals the harlot city Babylon, the representative of the world, and the victory of Christ over her and over the enemies that are in league with her, the great conflict ending in the last judgment.

VII. The seventh Vision, 21:1 - 22: 7, discloses to the eye the ideal Church, the new Jerusalem, and pictures in glowing colors her surpassing beauty and the everlasting, transcendent bliss of her inhabitants.

Epilogue, 22:7 - 21.


5. Revelation Outline By Section

This outline adapted from the Classic Bible Commentary

Prologue 1:1-8

1.      The First Vision 1:9–20
2.      The Letters To The Seven Churches 2:1–3:22
3.      A Vision Of Heaven 4:1–5:14
4.      Seven Seals Are Broken 6:1–8:5
5.      Seven Trumpets Are Blown  8:6–11:19
6.      The Woman, The Child And The Dragon 12:1–17
7.      The Two Beasts 13:1–18
8.      The Lamb And The 144,000 14:1–20
9.      The Last Seven Plagues 15:1–16:21
10.  Babylon 17:1–19:5
11.  The Marriage Of The Lamb And The Holy War 19:6–21
12.  The Thousand Years 20:1–6
13.  Gog And Magog 20:7–10
14.  The Judgment Of The Dead 20:11–15
15.  The New Heaven And The New Earth 21:1–8
16.  The New Jerusalem 21:9-22:5

Epilogue 22:6-21

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