Arthur W. Pink (1886-1952) - Baptist Minister, evangelist, and prolific author known for his Calvinistic/Puritan theology: "was born in Great Britain and immigrated to the U.S. to study at Moody Bible Institute. He pastored churches in Colorado, California, Kentucky, and South Carolina before becoming an itinerant Bible teacher in 1919. He returned to his native land in 1934, taking up residence on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, in 1940, and remained there until his death. Most of his works first appeared as articles in Studies in the Scriptures, a monthly magazine concerned solely with the exposition of Scripture.

Pink was virtually unknown and certainly unappreciated in his day. Independent Bible study convinced him that much of modern evangelism was defective. When Puritan and reformed books were generally disregarded by the Church was a whole, he advanced the majority of their principles with untiring zeal. The progressive spiritual decline of his own nation (Britain) was to him the inevitable consequence of the prevalence of a "gospel" that could neither wound (with conviction of sin) nor heal (via regeneration).

Familiar with the whole range of revelation, Mr. Pink was rarely sidetracked from the great themes of Scripture: grace, justification, and sanctification. Our generation owes him a great debt for the enduring light he has shed, by God's grace, on the Truth of the Holy Bible"(1).

In 1922 Pink started a monthly magazine entitled Studies In The Scriptures which circulated among English-speaking Christians worldwide until his death in 1952. The monthly articles from this magazine are still widely distributed and very popular on the internet.

Some consider Rev. Pink to be one of the great Christian authors of the 20th century. He began his studies having been taught dispensational theology. Some of his early writings reflected this view (i.e. The Redeemer's Return and The Antichrist). Prior to Rev. Pink's death he realized the errors of dispensational theology, especially the pretribulational rapture theory. Rev. Pink wrote a series of 5 articles refuting dispensationalism in 1952. They were published in his publication Studies in the Scriptures for the June through October, 1952 issues as  A Refutation Of Dispensationalism. These articles show Mr. Pink's changed position, he was against the dispensational school of thought up till the very month of his death. Many dispensationalist websites carry Rev. Pink's writings from his early years espousing dispensational views. However I have yet to see this important series of articles about his change in theology and refutation of dispensationalism on their websites. This is unfortunate because his intention in these articles was to "expose the modern and pernicious error of Dispensationalism".

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(1). Excerpt from the Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological, and Ecclesiastical Literature by Rev. John McClintock and James Strong.
An excellent biography of Rev. Pink's life was written by Ian H. Murray (The Life of Arthur W. Pink, Banner of Truth Trust, 2004, 368pp. ISBN 0-85151-332-8).