Select Sermons By John Piper

John Pipers sermons from 1980 to the present can be found at Sound of Grace. Highly recommended! Also a selection of his sermons and writings are at Desiring God Ministries.  Rev. Piper is pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Mn.

Abortion: Shall We Listen to Men or to God?

The Age of Ignorance is Over
The Aim of Dr. Luke
All Jews and Gentiles are Under Sin
All the Prophets Proclaimed These Days
Always Pray and Do Not Lose Heart
Ambushing Satan With Song
The Anatomy of Backsliding
Angels and Prayer: Daniel's Experience and Ours
Asa's Folly
The Ascent of Joy
Ask Whatever You Wish
As We Forgive Our Debtors: What Does Forgiveness Look Like?
At the Price of God's Own Blood
The Author of the Greatest Letter Ever Written: Beginning of Roman Series
The Baptism and Genealogy of Jesus
Barnabas: the Goodness of a Great Faith
Barnabas: The Maker of a Great Leader
Battling the Unbelief of Anxiety
Battling the Unbelief of Inpatience
Battling Unbelief at Bethlehem
The Beatitudes And The Gospel Of The Kingdom
Behold the Kindness and Severity of God, "The Echo and Insufficiency of Hell", Part 2
Believing God on Election Day
Be Like Barnabas, Not Like Ananias!
Beyond Forgiveness: Blasphemy Against the Spirit
The Bible: Kindling for Christian Hedonism
Blessed are the Meek
Blessed Are The Merciful, For They Shall Obtain Mercy
Blessed Are The Peacemakers
Blessed Are The Persecuted
Blessed are the Poor in Spirit Who Mourn
Blessed are the Pure in Heart
Blessed Are Those Who Hunger.., For Righteousness
The Blinding Effects of Serving God
A Burning Witness to the Light
By His Grace, For His Name, Through the Obedience of Faith
The Called of Christ and the Loved of God: Part One
The Called of Christ and the Loved of God: Part Two
A Call for Courage in the Cause of Truth
Call Me Husband, Not Baal
"Call On Me in the Day of Trouble and I Will Deliver You"
A Cause to Live For
A Celebration of Baptism
The Children of Abraham are Heirs of the World
Christ Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Christ in Combat: Defense by the Spirit
Christ in Combat: Offense by the Spirit
Christ's Purposes in Evangelism
Christmas and the Cause of Truth
Cities of Ruthless Nations Will Revere Thee
Coming to Yourself and Coming to the Father
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - Are Signs and Wonders for Today?
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - the Authority and Nature of the Gift of Prophesy
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - How is the Kingdom Present?
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - the Importance of the Kingdom Today
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - is the Kingdom Present or Future?
Compassion, Power and the Kingdom of God - You Will See the Son of Man Seated at the Right Hand of Power and Coming on the Clouds of Heaven
Conflict and Confusion After the Fall
Conversion to Christ: the Making of a Christian Hedonist
The Counsel of the Lord Stands Forever: Reflections on Corporate Planning
The Covenant of Abraham
Cry of Distress and Voice of Thanks: the Prayer of Jonah
The Curse of Priestly Failure
The Curse of the Careless Worship
The Danger of Following Jesus #1
The Danger of Following Jesus #2
The Day of Praise Procession #2 "Should not I pity that great city -- Minneapolis?"
The Death of a Spirit-Filled Man
The Demonstration of God's Righteousness: Part 1, Justification and Mother's Day
The Demonstration of God's Righteousness: Part 2
The Demonstration of God's Righteousness: Part 3
Did You Kill the Lord of Glory?
Displays of God: Remove the Excuse for Failed Worship
Does Jesus Contradict Paul?
Doing and Endorsing Evil
Do Not Be Anxious About Your Life
Do Not Forsake Your Mother's Teaching
Do Not Labor for the Food Which Perishes
Do Not Say "I am Only a Youth"
Don't Eat the Breat of Anxious Toil
Do You See the Joy of God in the Sun?
Eagle Edom Will Come Down
Educating for Hope
Education for Exultation, Beyond the Possible: The Isaac Factor
Education for Exultation, Debt Free: The Gideon Venture
Education for Exultation, In God: I Am the Lord, and Beside Me There is No Savior
Education for Exultation, In Jesus: The Word Was God and Became Flesh
Education for Exultation, In Setting Some Apart: Set Apart Rick, Randy, and the Rest for the Work to Which I Have Called Them
Education for Exultation, In the Next Generation: One Generation Shall Praise Your Works to Another
The Education of a Prophet: Jonah
The Effect of Hypocrisy: Dishonoring God, Part 1
The Effect of Hypocrisy: Dishonoring God, Part 2
The Emergence of Sin and Misery
Even the Hairs of My Head are Numbered: Reflections on My First Year in the Pastorate
Exalting Jesus So the Spirit Falls
Exexution, Escape and Eaten by Worms: How the Word of God Grew
Exodus for All the Earth
Explosive Fellowship
Faith and the Imputation of Righteousness
Faithfulness is Better than Life
The Faith-Grace Certainty Connection
Faith: In Hope, Against Hope, for the Glory of God
A Fast for Waters that Do Not Fail, Part 1
A Fast for Waters that Do Not Fail, Part 2
Fasting for the King's Coming
Fasting for the Reward of the Father
Fasting for the Safety of the Little Ones
Fear Not, I am With You, I am Your God
Fear Not, You Worm Jacob!
Fear of God, Freedom from Goods
The Final Divide: Eternal Life or Eternal Wrath (1)
The Final Divide: Eternal Life or Eternal Wrath (2)
The Final Divide: Eternal Life or Eternal Wrath (3)
Final Judgment: Eternal Life vs. Wrath and Fury
The First Dark Exchange: Idolatry
Forget Not All His Benefits
For Our People and For the Cities of Our God
Freeing the Future (preached on the Committment Sunday of)
>From Bethlehem in the Magesty of the Name of the Lord
From Thy Hand We Have Given Thee
From Wonder to Witness #1
From Wonder to Witness #2
Getting Right With God and With Each Other
Get Wisdom
The Gladness of the Risen God
"Go and Make Disciples...Baptising Them..."
God Created Us For His Glory
God Credits Faith as Righteousness
God, Marriage and Children
God Refuge for His People Exhalted Among the Nations
God Seeks People to Worship Him in Spirit and Truth
God Sent His Servant to Bless You
God's Covenant through Moses
God's Covenant With Abraham
God's Covenant With David
God's Covenant With Noah
God's Good News Concerning His Son
God's Invincible Purpose: Foundations for Full Assurance #3 - "God Vindicated His Righteousness in The Death of Christ"
God's Invincible Purpose: Foundations for Full Assurance #4 - "God Justifies the Ungodly"
God's Purpose for Jabob and Bethlehem
God's Response to Hypocrisy: Kindness and Judgment
God Works for Those Who Wait for Him
The Goodness of God and the Guidance of Sinners
The Gospel in the Church for the Obedience of Faith Through Spiritual Gifts
The Gospel Is the Power of God unto Salvation
The Greatest of These is Love: "But I say to you, Love your enemies." Part One
The Greatest of These is Love: "But I say to you, Love your enemies." Part Two
The Greatest of These is Love: The Depth of Christ's Love: It's Freedom
The Greatest of These is Love: Dying As A Means Of Loving Part One
The Greatest of These is Love: "Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself" Part One
The Greatest of These is Love: "Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself" Part Two
The Great Invitation: Break Forth in Song!
The Great Invitation: God's Triumphant Word
The Great Invitation: A High Way for Low Sinners
The Great Invitation: Call Others Too!
The Great Invitation: Come! Drink! Eat! Live!
The Greatness of God's Electing Love
The Guilt of Giving Part of God's Counsel
Hallowed Be Thy Name - in all the Earth
The Happiest Days of Heaven: Second in a Series
The Happiness of God: Foundation for Christian Hedonism
The Heart You Know and the Heart You Don't
He Commanded and They Were Created
He is Like a Refiner's Fire
"He Saw the Grace of God, and Was Glad"
He Set His Face to Go to Jerusalem
He Shall Be Satisfied with the Fruit of His Travail
He Will Send His Angels Before You
He Will Turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To The Children
His Dominion
History is God's Story
Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of Hosts
Honor Thy Magestic Father
How Do Circumcision and Baptism Correspond?
How Does the Gospel Save Believers? Pt.1
How Does the Gospel Save Believers? Pt.2
How Does the Gospel Save Believers? Pt.3
How is it Right for God to Justify the Ungodly?
How Not to be a Mule
How Signs and Wonders Helped Add Multitudes to the Lord
How to Argue With God
How to Become a Child of God
How to Pray for a Desolate Church
How to Receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit
"I am God Almighty, Be Fruitful and Multiply", "I Have Other Sheep"
"I Am Who I Am" says the Lord
"I Baptise You With Water"
I Choose You to Bear Fruit
I Entrust You to God and to the Word of His Grace
If It Is of God, It Will Not Be Overthrown
If My Words Abide in You
I Have Authority to Lay it Down, and I Have Authority to Take it Up Again
I Have Other Sheep That are Not of This Fold
Inheriting the World Depends on Faith, Not Law
In the Pits with a King
Irrevocable Joy
It is Your Father's Pleasure to Give You the Kingdom
"I Will Be Gracious to Whom I Will Be Gracious"
I Will Meditate on All Your Work and Muse on Your Deeds
I Will Pour Out My Spirit
I Will Sing of Thy Might and Mercy
I Will Sing Praises to You Among the Nations
I Will Spare Them As A Man Spares His Son
Jesus Came Into the World to be Trusted
Jesus is Alive to Serve
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God
Jesus is the Horn of Salvation
Jesus' Name Made this Man Strong
Jesus Still Turns Things Around
Jesus Versus the Occult
Jesus, Women, and Men
Job: Rebuked in Suffering
Job: the Revelation of God in Suffering
Job: Reverent in Suffering
Job: Reversal in Suffering
Job: Wrestling with Suffering
John 3:16 - The Danger: Perishing
John 3:16 - The Design: Love
John 3:16 - The Destiny: Eternal Life
John 3:16 - The Duty: Faith
John the Baptist and the Brood of Vipers
Joy Recovered: Truth #6
Justification by Faith Establishes the Law
Justification by Faith is the End of Boasting
The Just Shall Live by Faith
The Leading of the Lord in Personal Evangelism
Let All the Peoples Praise Thee
Let the Children Come to Me
Let God be True Though Every Man a Liar, Part 1
Let the Nations be Glad!
Let None Be Faithless To The Wife Of His Youth
Like a Lamb that is Led to Slaughter
The Lips of Knowledge are a Precious Jewel
The Local Church: Minimum vs. Maximum
The Locust Horde and the Day of the Lord
The Lofty One Whose Name is Holy
The Lord, a God Merciful and Gracious
The Lord is Great and Does Wondrous Things
The Lord Whose Name is Jealous
The Lord Will Rejoice Over You
Loved Flock, Do Not be Afraid to Give it Away
Male and Female, He Created Them in the Image of God
Manhood and Womanhood Before Sin
Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alone: What to Eat While Fasting
The Marvelous Rising Of A Rejected Stone
Meditation on the Magnificient
Meditate on the Word of the Lord Day and Night
The Mission and Vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church Volume 2: A Passion for the Supremacy of God . . . for the Joy of All Peoples
The Mission and Vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church Volume 3: "Through our Lord Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit"
The Mission and Vision of Bethlehem Baptist Church Volume 7: "A Vision for Harvest"
Missions and the End of History
Missions: Battle Cry of Christian Hedonism
Mission: the Gladness of God
The Mouth of the Righteous is a Fountain of Life
Mouths Closed and All the World Accountable to God
My Name is God Almighty
Not Ashamed of the Gospel
Old and Young Shall Dream Together
O Lord, Open My Eyes!
One God and One Salvation for All the Nations
O, That You Knew the Terms of Peace!
The Other Dark Exchange: Homosexuality, Part 1
The Other Dark Exchange: Homosexuality, Part 2
Out of Zion, the Perfection of Beauty, God Shines Forth
Overflowing Grace for All Who Believe: The Conversion of the Chief of Sinners
The Perils of Disapproving God
The Pleasure of God in All He Does
The Pleasure of God in Bruising the Son
The Pleasure of God in Election
The Pleasure of God in the Good of His People
The Pleasure of God in His Creation
The Pleasure of God in His Name
The Pleasure of God in His Son
The Pleasure of God in Obedience
The Pleasure of God in the Prayers of the Upright
The Pleasure of God in Public Justice
The Pleasure Of God In Those Who Hope In His Love
The Poor of the Land and the Pride of Jacob
Prayer at Harvest Time - Now
Prayer, Fasting and the Course of History
The Prayer of an Old Saint
A Prayer that Brought the Holy Spirit Down
Prayer: the Power of Christian Hedonism
Praying from the Fullness of the Word
A Precious Promise: The Outpouring of God's Spirit
Prepare to Meet Your God
Preparing to Meet Christ (I)
Preparing to Receive Christ (II)
Preparing to Receive Christ (III)
Preparing to Receive Christ (IV)
Prevailing Prayer for the Spirit's Power
The Price and Preciousness of Spiritual Power
Proud People Don't Say Thanks
The Purpose and Perseverance of Faith
Raising Children Who Are Confident in God
Rebuilt Ruins Will Reach the World
Receiving Children in Jesus' Name
Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy
Renewing the Covenant for the Sake of God's Name
Repentance, Forgiveness, and the Gift of the Spirit
Rescuing Unborn Children: Required and Right
Restful Words for Labor Day
Revival and Fasting
"The Righteous are Bold as a Lion"
Risk and the Cause of God
Risk and the Cause of God, Today
Rivers from the Heart
Ruth: Strategic Righteousness
Ruth: Sweet and Bitter Providence
Ruth: The Best is Yet to Come
Ruth: Under the Wings of God
Satan Takes the Word Away
Serving the Lord with Humility, Tears and Trials
Serving Widows, Preaching the Word and Winning Priests
Seven Christmas Eve Meditations
The Shepherd, the Host, and the Highway Patrol
The Sifting of Simon Peter
Simeon's Farewell to the World
Simon's Perversion of Signs and Wonders
Sky Talk
The Son of God at 12 Years Old
The Son of Man Did Not Come to Be Served but to Serve, Part 1
The Son of Man Did Not Come to Be Served but to Serve, Part 2
The Sons are Free
The Sovereign Sacrifice Foreknown, Foretold, for Faith
The Spirit is on Him Gentle for Now
The Spirit Wants the World for Christ
Spreading Spiritual Power through Persecution
Stephen's Crime: "Jesus Will Destroy the Temple"
The Story of a Stiff-Necked People
The Straight Paths of the Lord
Strengthen Each Other's Hands In God
Summer Psalms: Delighting in the Law of God
The Sun of Righteousness Will Rise
Surely He Has Borne Our Griefs
Sustained by Sovereign Grace - Forever
Sweeter than Honey, Better than Gold
Sweet "Our" of Prayer
Take Care How You Listen: For Whoever Has, to Him More Shall Be Given
Take Care How You Listen, Part 2
Take Courage: You Build More than You See
Tell How Much the Lord Has Done for You
Ten Reasons Why it is Wrong to Take the Life of Unborn Children
The Test of Authenticity in a New Sanctuary
"That Which is Born of the Spirit is Spirit": the Role of the Holy Spirit in Conversion
There is No Partiality With God, Part 1
There is No Partiality With God, Part 2
There is Salvation in No One Else
There Shall Be a Fountain Opened
These You Ought to Have Done Without Neglecting the Others
The Third Word from the Cross
This is What Was Spoken by the Prophet Joel
This Man Receives Sinners and Eats With Them: An Introduction to the Series
Thy Word I Have Treasured in My Heart
Times of Refreshing and the Restoration of All Things
Today's Mercies for Today's Troubles: Tomorrow's Mercies for Tomorrow's Troubles
"Today You Will be With Me in Paradise"
Tongues of Fire and the Fullness of God
To the Jew First and Also to the Greek
Toward the Tithe and Beyond: How God Funds His Work
The Treasure of Faith in the Life of the Church
Triumphant Light
"Until it is Fulfilled in the Kingdom of God"
Unless You Repent, You Will All Likewise Perish
The Virgin Birth of the Son of God
Watch Out for the Wolves Within
We Have Come to Worship Him
Were There Two Kinds of Prophesy in the Old Testament?
What Do Answers to Prayer Depend On? Part 1: Obedience
What Does It Mean to Receive the Holy Spirit?
What God Has Cleansed Do Not Call Common
What Jesus Built by Raising from the Dead
What Jesus Did After the Beginning
What is Man? Reflections on Abortion and Racial Reconciliation
What is the Fruit that Befits Repentance?
What Judas' Death Teaches Us About the Spirit
When God Says "Not Now"
When I Fall, I Will Rise!
When the Bridegroom is Taken Away, They Will Fast With New Wineskins
When the Lord Does Not Take Account of Sin
Who is a True Jew? Part 1
Who is a True Jew? Part 2
Who Made Man's Mouth?
Whom Shall We Invite to Thanksgiving Dinner?
Why Does it Matter Which Came First: Circumcision or Justification?
Why God Cannot Be Served, but Loves to Serve
Why Was Jesus Put to Death and Raised Again?
Will the Next Generation Know?
A Woman Who Fears the Lord is to be Praised
Wonderful Things from Your Word
The Word Became Flesh
Worship is an End in Itself
Worship the Risen Christ
The Wrath of God Against Ungodliness and Unrighteousness, Part 1
The Wrath of God Against Ungodliness and Unrighteousness, Part 2
Your Love is Better than Life: Savoring the Vision
You Have Filled Jerusalem with Your Teaching
You Shall Go Forth Leaping Like Calves
You Shall Receive Power Till Jesus Comes
You Shall Worship the Lord Your God
"You Who Would Destroy the Temple and Build it in Three Days"
You Will be a Land of Delight
You Will be Baptised with the Holy Spirit