�Theology � Theologue�

"Theology is a Greek word, and signifies a discourse concerning God and things belonging to him....The words "Theologue" and "Theology", are to be met with frequently in the ancient Fathers, in following ages, and in all Christian writers to the present times. Upon the whole, it appears that "Theology", or "Divinity", as we call it, is no other than a science or doctrine concerning God, or a discoursing and treating of things relating to him; and that a "Theologue", or a "Divine", is one that understands, discourses, and treats of divine things; and perhaps the Evangelist John might have this title eminently given to him by the ancients, because of his writing concerning, and the record he bore to Christ, the logov, the essential Word of God, to his proper Deity, divine Sonship, and distinct personality".

Quoted from A Body of Doctrinal & Practical Divinity, Introduction, by John Gill