Charles Spurgeon - Historic Premillennialist

Charles H. Spurgeon was a historic premillennialist, NOT a pretribulationist as some have tried to charge!

Spurgeon was "a valued standard bearer for Historic Premillennialism" according to C. W. H. Griffiths in an excellent article defending his Premillennial position1.

Dennis Swanson says "While Spurgeon must be identified as a premillennialist, he is most accurately described as a premillennialist of the "historic" or "covenantal" variety. He adhered to every major point which identifies this position, while certain features of dispensational premillennialism (e.g. the timing of the rapture and the nature of the millennium) were in opposition to his biblical and theological understanding."2

For more details see The Millennial Position Of Charles Spurgeon and Spurgeon's Premillennial views

1. Summer 1990 issue of Watching and Waiting Magazine, article by C. W. H. Griffith. The article was published by the Sovereign Grace Advent Testimony, 1 Donald Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM2 9JB United Kingdom

2. Quote from Dennis Swanson's article Charles H. Spurgeon and Eschatology: Did He Have a Discernible Millennial Position? See the full article at the Spurgeon Archive