The Millennial Position of Charles Spurgeon1

Abstract and links to essays on Charles Spurgeon and his Millennial views by Dennis Swanson2.

(1)   The Millennial Position of Spurgeon - A shorter article

"The notoriety of Charles Haddon Spurgeon has caused many since his time to claim him as a supporter of their individual views regarding the millennium. Spurgeon and his contemporaries were familiar with the four current millennial views - amillennialism, postmillennialism, historic premillennialism, and dispensational premillennialism - though the earlier nomenclature may have differed. Spurgeon did not preach or write extensively on prophetic themes, but in his sermons and writings he did say enough to produce a clear picture of his position. Despite claims to the contrary, his position was most closely identifiable with that of historic premillennialism in teaching the church would experience the tribulation, the millennial kingdom would be the culmination of God's program for the church, a thousand years would separate the resurrection of the just from that of the unjust, and the Jews in the kingdom would be part of the one people of God with the church."

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(2)   Charles H. Spurgeon and Eschatology: Did He Have a Discernible Millennial Position?

Longer and most thorough article

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"While Spurgeon must be identified as a premillennialist, he is most accurately described as a premillennialist of the "historic" or "covenantal" variety. He adhered to every major point which identifies this position, while certain features of dispensational premillennialism (e.g. the timing of the rapture and the nature of the millennium) were in opposition to his biblical and theological understanding."

(1) Spurgeon was a Historic Premillennialist not a pretribulationist as some have claimed!
(2) Dennis Swanson is Seminary Librarian at The Masters Seminary