Recommended Books for Biblical And Theological Studies

Ed. F. Sanders

All of the books we recommend are conservative and evangelical unless otherwise noted. Inclusion on this list does not mean we completely endorse the contents but we include them to provide a wide range of views.

Essential Reference Books1

These are the translations and reference books that we think should be in every Bible students library.

Note: The translations we recommend for study should not be Study Bible editions! Please see the "Not Recommended" page and read the article The Bible Without Comment. Use a "reference edition" Bible that has cross-references and a concordance.

General Reference

Advanced Reference

General Reference
Interpretation / Hermeneutics
General Theology
NT Greek


One Volume
Commentary Sets (multi volume)
New Testament Commentaries (individual books)
Old Testament Commentaries (individual books)




(1) After the "essential" books list the most highly recommended items are noted with an asterisk*.

(2) The ESV is considered by many evangelical scholars to be the most accurate English translation in print (see article by John Piper). Also see our page on Translation Recommendations.

Updated 6-27-2011