Recommended Authors

Ed. F. Sanders

(still under construction!)
The authors on this list are all conservative and highly regarded by the evangelical community.

John Piper
Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church (Minn), also see
Stanford E. Murrell
Pastor, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church (Pa.), see some of his materials work here
F. F. Bruce
English Plymouth Brethren scholar and prolific author. All of his works are highly recommended!
J. I. Packer

John R. W. Stott
Conservative Anglican scholar
W. H. Griffith-Thomas

Grover Gunn
Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Jackson, TN (PCA), his website has great articles and sermons.
Robert Gundry

Dave MacPherson
Dave has written extensively about the origins of the pretrib rapture theory.
G. Campbell Morgan

R. A. Torrey

George Eldon Ladd

Charles H. Spurgeon
Former Pastor of Metropolition Tabernacle, London, England (see website)
Merrill C. Tenney Former Dean, Wheaton College Graduate School Of Theology
Wayne Grudem
J. Barton Payne Former O.T. Scholar and Professor at Wheaton College, author of Encyclopedia Of Biblical Prophecy.
Leon Morris Anglican Scholar from Australia.
G.R. Beasley-Murray One time Principal of Spurgeon's College in London, Senior Professor at Southern Baptist Seminary (KY)
J. Gresham Machen

Arthur W. Pink
Baptist Minister, evangelist, and prolific author known for his Calvinistic/Puritan theology.
Samuel J. Schultz

Francis Schaeffer
Gordon D. Fee
C. S. Lewis

Paul Little

Lee Strobel
A lawyer turned Christian Apologist. His books include: The Case For Christ, The Case For Faith
R. C. Sproul

Louis Berkhof

Leland Ryken Formerly of Wheaton College, he has written extensively on the Bible as literature.
Grover Gunn
Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church Jackson, Tenn. .