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The Hope Of The Lords Return, A. Bonar
Americas Pretrib Rapture Traffickers, Jon Edwards
Tribulation, Norman S. MacPherson

Dave Macpherson's Articles
Rethinking The Rapture
Grover Gunn
The Second Coming and Millennium
The Second Coming (A Momentous Event), W.J. Grier
The Parousia Is Not A Separate Event From The Epiphany Or Apocalypse
Ipse Dixit! Has Truth Been Left Behind?, Ed. F. Sanders
Why I Am A PostTribulationist, Ed. F. Sanders
Dispensational Dementia - A Different Gospel?, Ed. F. Sanders
The Return Of Christ And The Rapture In 2 Thess 2, Ed. F. Sanders
The History And Origins Of Pretribulationism*, George Eldon Ladd
Historical Account Of The Pretrib Rapture's Origin, J. Preston Eby
The Origin and History Of The Pretribulational Rapture Theory, Arthur D. Katterjohn

What Does The Bible Teach About The Endtimes?. Bryn MacPhail
Surely I Come Quickly, Rusty Entrekin
What Must Happen Before The Day Of Christ?, Rusty Entrekin
Still Waiting On The 7 Year Tribulation?, Gary Demar
The Rapture Question: Pretrib Or Posttrib?, Wm. J. Rowlands
"The Day Of Christ" Is "The Day Of The Lord.", Wm. J. Rowlands NEW!
The Things Which Shall Be Hereafter, Septimus Sears
The Second Advent, Francis Pieper
A Thief In The Night, J.L. Haynes
Rapture - When?, Cyril Cremer
New Testament Millennial Teaching, George Fromow
Dispensationalism (magazine articles), A. W. Pink
The Return Of Christ: Key Greek Words and Terms, Wm Arnold
Biblical Basis Of The PostTrib Rapture, Wm. Arnold
The Second Coming Of Christ, Edward Payson
The Dispensational "Parenthesis" Theory Examined*, Philip Mauro
The Pre-Tribulational Rapture Teaching, John L. Bray
The Day Of The Lord, Stanford E. Murrell
The Rapture, Reginald Pope
The Second Coming, (anon)
The Pretribulational Rapture
Christ's Return and the WCF, Gordon Clark
Reformed Theology And Premillenniallism*, (American Presbyterian Church)
Comparison Of Millennial Positions
Four Views Of The Millennium
The Greatest Prophecy (Daniel's 70 weeks), Arno C. Gaebelein
Premillennialism And Amillennialism: A Comparision
Christ's Second Coming And The Resurrection, James Petigru Boyce
Outlines Of The Book Of Revelation
The Rapture, Corrie Ten Boom
Charles Spurgeon - Historic Premillennialist, Theologue
The Doctrines Of The Coming Of Christ & The Great Tribulation, Stanford E. Murrell
The Seventy Weeks of Daniel 9 - When do they Begin and End?, Philip Mauro
Dale Moody On The Pretribulational Rapture
Caveat Lector! (let the reader beware!, Theologue
An Examination of Dispensational Teaching (PDF), Dr. Stanford E. Murrell
The Tribulation - Matt. 24 (PDF), Dr. Stanford E. Murrell
Systematic Theology* (PDF), Excellent section on Eschatology by Dr. Stanford E. Murrell
Is The Church In The Book Of Revelation?, Dr. Stanford Murrell
The Greatest Prophecy, (PDF) Dr. Stanford Murrell
End Times Events Summarized, A. I. Burch
The Second Coming, Louis Berkhof
The Hope Of The Church, John McNicol
Remarks And Summary Of The Apocalypse, Samuel P. Tregelles

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